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Promotion Services

Order a promotion service package using the form below or call me at 1.330.871.9451 for more details!

The basic package includes, but is not limited to, social media promotion, email, and phone consultations. This is my job. This is my life. So I encourage people to put me to work by giving me tasks to complete. I will do whatever it takes within reason. If a client wants something that isn’t included in my basic package, then they will be directed to speak with my manager and we can work out the details of the business at hand. I am always working. I don’t take days off. I will always get back with my clients promptly. No later than 24 hours.

The deluxe package includes an ad on my website to go along with the great service that I am already providing. Plus it includes priority service because you have stepped out in faith and invested considerably more with me. This helps me pay my bills and take care of my responsibilities. It’s kind of like sponsoring but not quite. We’ll work towards that by building a strong relationship.

I will work with anyone, anywhere. If my clients need me to come see them, then they can arrange to accommodate my travel, transportation and things of that nature by speaking with my manager and we can make it happen.

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